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Stone Valley Community Charter School at: stonevalleyccs.org

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10 Responses to Welcome

  1. Carolyn Maroncelli says:

    I think your charter school will serve everyone in this community. It is a great idea to pull all generations into this school hub. The support of everyone who reads this should will help us reach the goal of a community school! I support you!

  2. Mindi Cramer says:

    I am so grateful to all who have put their time and efforts in to establishing a charter school in our community. Thanks to all who went around the community to get petitions signed too…keep up all efforts!

  3. Jesse Stickler says:

    I would like to thank all involved for hopefully giving us another option for the education of our children. Tonites meeting was very informative and answered most of our questions. I did forget to ask if there will be an option to have a after school daycare for the kids whose parents dont get home soon enough to get them off the bus. This is one of the many reasons we are looking at BMS since its close enough to the daycare we use now. A fee could be charged to help pay for the extra time or staff. We hope everything goes as planned and goes thru. If there is anything we can help with let us know. Thanks again.

    • Thank You Jesse for you comment and support,
      Before school and after school child care is option we have been discussing. We feel it would be very beneficial to our community. As we move through the charter school application process, we will gain more information on the logistics and need of such a program. It would be helpful to know how many parents would be interested in before school and after school care. Please let us know your feelings and needs.
      Thank you for attending the community meeting. Your support is appreciated and anyone can help by getting the letters of support our there and signed, in addition if folks have school aged children, please fill out the pre-enrollment forms and send them in. The letters of support and pre-enrollment forms can be found on our web-site (under enrollment & support) at: stonevalleyccs.org

  4. To all our friends at Stone Valley…we are so happy to see that you are “up and running”!!!!

    We will continue to watch from the sidelines and we remain your greatest cheering section!

    Call or email if you need anything! logan

  5. Dear Logan and SVRCS,

    Thank you for all your support. We are thrilled to be up and running and we are looking forward to to our first school year with many exciting days ahead of us. Thanks for the cheers, we truly appreciate the support of our charter school friends and community.

    Your Friends at SVCCS

  6. Gladys Guyer says:

    The students attending SVCCS absolutely LOVE SCHOOL. The founding coalition and volunteers are to be commended for a outstanding job with the school. To go to open house and see the amazing job everyone has done was just phenomenal. Students are excited about learning. The excitement in my grandkids voices when they tell me about the learning field trips on Fridays can bring tears to my eyes. This school is the best thing that could have possibly happened to our area. Thank you to everyone who has been involved.

  7. Mel Westerman says:

    I attended the Historical Biography Day and was amazed at the complete level of preparation and highest quality of presentations by the students! It was a truly enjoyable investment of time and effort to be there. I am proud my grandson attends and wish the teachers whose skills and dedication showed through their mentees on HBD the greatest and most rewarding successes for the remainder of this year and for many years into the future.
    Mel Westerman
    Pine Grove Mills

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